Prices of the Virtual Physiology Programs

We are offering Institute Licenses which means that the programs can be used by all students and teachers at the authorized institute on an unlimited number of computers.

The authorized Institute can also install the programs on a server for students’ experimentation or supplementary training on their computers at home. On request, we are additionally delivering special student licences allowing the students to download the programs on their own computers.

Although we are close to the completion of the first series our Virtual Physiology programs, we are still offering pre-order prices.

To receive a detailed price list, please, send a mail to Hans Braun (braun (at) You may also mention your specific preferences or situations as, for example, indicated next.

See also our General Terms and Conditions

Tryout options:

Everybody has the possibility to carefully check whether the programs fit to his/her teaching purposes.

Fully functioning demo versions, licensed for 1 month, can be downloaded for free. They main difference to the purchased programs is a lettering appearing in the labs, saying “NOT licensed for teaching”.

On request we send fully licensed test versions of the programs free of charge, valid for 2 months, to check the suitability of the virtual laboratories also in students’ courses.

Graduation of Prices:

The costs for individual Virtual Physiology programs are decreasing with each additional program that is ordered.

When three or more Institutes of the same University are planning to work with the Virtual Physiology labs it is recommended purchasing a University License. The price is lower than for three separate Institute licenses.

In case that only part of the programs will currently be purchased while others shall be ordered later, the discount from previous orders will remain valid for the following year.


Special prices can be offered for developing countries and threshold countries.

Also small institutes with only a few students may ask for discounts. Particularly low prices are offered for High Schools.

Please note:

We have overtaken the challenge of reprogramming the Virtual Physiology tools in own responsibility and on own costs without any external support. We didn’t want to become again under external control as it was the case with the first Virtual Physiology series - preventing any updates over almost 20 years.
We rely on the scientific and didactic quality of our programs and feel confident that this strategy, avoiding any dependencies from always insecure approval of grant proposals, will allow us not only to complete the series but also to guarantee for continuous updates, program extensions and support.
We are very grateful for all pre-orders which allowed us to realize this project. Our pre-order customers will always get priority service.