SimVessel offers a virtual laboratory for the examination of smooth muscle contractions of vessels and the intestine.
The experiments can be done with muscle stripes, placed in an organ bath to which physiologically relevant signal substances and widely used drugs can be added. Preparing the appropriate dilutions can be trained, as in SimHeart, in a drug laboratory.

Featured experiments:

Comparison of phasic and tonic smooth muscle contractions.
Illustrating the effects of muscle stretching (Bayliss effect)
Demonstrating opposite reactions of vessels and intestine on Adrenaline and Acetylcholine.
Examining the effects of the cholinergic receptor antagonist Atropine.
Comparing the effects of adrenergic α- and β-receptor antagonists (Phentolamine and Propranolol).
Illustrating the effects of the Ca2+-channel blocker Verapamil.
Recording of dose-response curves of Adrenaline and Acetylcholine.
Demonstrating alterations of dose-response curves by competitive and non-competitive inhibitors.
see Tutorial (preliminary version)
Protocol form in preparation

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